Fabulous Forty Two!

My sweetheart turns 42 today!

Yesterday, the kids (with a little help from Nana and I) had fun making a Happy Birthday banner for Bruce during “craft time”. They were so excited about celebrating with him, that I just had to hang it up yesterday instead of waiting until this morning.

To show their love for him, Nathan and Abby each put together gift bags replete with toys from around the house and drawings that they had made for him. (They even went fishing in Nancy’s purse for coins and a few dollar bills to add in for Daddy to buy himself a treat.)

The whole “gift bags for Daddy” was Nathan’s idea, initially. He asked if I had a bag and then he started going through his toys. He would pick up something and evaluate whether or not Bruce would like it. “Daddy likes cars, I’ll give him this car to play with. Daddy likes the color blue – I’ll give him my blue hat. Daddy likes to read me books about Dinosaurs, I will give him my dinosaur. Daddy is good at brushing his teeth and he helps me – I will give him a toothbrush. Daddy likes to watch the Hippopotamus song with us on the computer, I will give him my Hippo book.” This went on until the bag was running over and when Bruce came home from work, Nathan wanted to give it to him right away.

Nathan watched with delight as Bruce went through every single toy. With a genuinely appreciative heart, Bruce thanked him for each item contained therein. It was a scene that I know Bruce will not soon forget, nor will I. The honesty and sincerity in that moment was rich. Truth be told, we have lots and lots of those moments around here but we sometimes walk right past them and miss them on the road of a monotonous life of work, home and child rearing

Oh that we would grab hold of these moments and know that THESE are the ones that matter!

I have often said that Nathan is a clone of his father in many ways. They most certainly look a lot alike, but that’s genetic. Aside from that, however, is their likeness of character. Nathan is a kind-hearted, generous and tender little man and THOSE things are not inherited, they are learned. Bruce is a teacher by profession but he is also a teacher in his spirit. Nathan gets his kind and loving nature from his daddy.

Bruce is principled, trustworthy, and faithful; in short, he is a good man. I fell in love with him because of his obvious and sincere heart for God. There is not one pretentious bone in Bruce’s body – not one. He will never charm or flatter you by something that is untrue just to win favor. On the flip side, he would never say anything that he *is* thinking but knows would be hurtful to the hearer. He keeps his mouth shut more often than not and in today’s culture, the “strong and silent” type is a rare treasure.

In my life, my blessings are abundant. Of all the gifts that have been showered upon me by the Father of Lights in whom there is no inconsistency, my husband and the father of my children is the most consistent and richest blessing in my life and in the lives of so many others.

I love you, Bruce. Forty two is going to be fabulous! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Bruce’s 40 year video

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