Report from the sick house:

Since last Friday night, every member of this household has had a fever, sore throat and hacking cough at some point or another. Everyone that is, except me. I have one heckuva headache, though. It’s rough taking care of four sick people! I almost wish my immune system would have caved!!!

The plus side of this whole thing? Bruce was home with us all week, which was nice, even though he felt horrible off and on all week. Mom risked her health one night and brought us dinner. The kids, being kids, would feel bad and then miraculously feel good and start running around like nothing was ever wrong. Then, predictably, we’d find them passed out asleep somewhere or asking to be held (or asking for a popsicle.)

Sarah got so hot one night that when I put her in bed with me to comfort her, I started sweating because she was laying on top of me and was so hot to the touch.

I got to thinking today that if Abby had been in school, she would have missed nearly a whole week but since we do school at home, we didn’t miss a single day!

We spent lots of time talking about germs and how they are transmitted and how the body fights disease (THIS VIDEO SERIES on youtube is great!) She spent her hours reading to sick siblings, flying a kite (and afterward learning about wind flow, lift, and aerodynamics as she asked questions about how a kite flies and then we had a review of Benjamin Franklin’s famous kite flying experiment). She caught and learned about katydids , and she changed out our perpetual wall calendar from September to October and calculated how many days until her birthday.

She and Nathan also spent some time watching our new Rock-N-Learn DVDs and practiced counting money and telling time. (Have I told you that her most treasured possession at the moment is a Sacagawea dollar coin?)

It’s been a long crazy week. I’m thankful that the weather has been nice. The windows have been open all week and have hopefully blown the germs far far away!

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