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WFMW – EASY Watermelon Bombe!

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30 Jun 2008

Amy Karol posted over the weekend about a Bombe mold that she had inherited from her grandmother. When I clicked on the link about making this delicious ice cream dessert look like a watermelon, I HAD to try it.

I ran out and bought all the ingredients and put it together for a get together that evening. Unfortunately I didn’t read the directions all the way through (Who me? Not read the directions?) and didn’t realize that it had to freeze overnight in order to set up properly. It ended up being a blessing though because the next day we had an impromptu playdate with the neighbors and the kids totally loved eating the “watermelon slices” of sherbet.

I, of course, do not have a fancy schmancy mold but I improvised and just used a mixing bowl. It really was easy and Abby even helped me make it!

Look! There’s those ramekins again!

Here’s a “cross section” shot of the finished product:

(Please ignore the 4 year old sized teeth marks in the picture. Abby decided to take a few bites while carrying the bowl back across the street!)

The 5 (or less!) Ingredients:
Lime sherbet
Pineapple sherbet (Anything light colored will do – you could also use peach or lemon.)
Raspberry sherbet
Chocolate chips *or* blueberries

You’ll also need:
A medium sized mixing bowl
*Cooking Spray, Cooking Oil or Saran Wrap


  • Grease the mixing bowl (I used cooking oil on a napkin and smeared it generously inside the bowl. (You could also spray the bowl with unflavored cooking spray)
  • Put bowl in the freezer. Wait 20 – 30 minutes before moving to the next step!
  • In another bowl, spoon out the lime sherbet (I used about 1/2 of the container) and mix it up real good, making it soft. (This is the part that I let Abby do.)
  • Get the bowl back out of the freezer.
  • Using a rubber spatula, spread the green sherbet into the bowl making a layer that will look like the rind.
  • Once you have it the thickness that you’d like, put the bowl back into the freezer.
  • Go play with your kids for a half hour.
  • In your ice cream stirring bowl, spoon out some of the pineapple sherbet and mix it up, getting it nice and soft and spreadable.
  • Get your frozen bowl back out of the freezer and then spread in a thin layer of the pineapple sherbet. (It’s important that you’ve let the green layer harden up because if you try to spread the pineapple in before it’s hardened up, it will all smear together.)
  • PUT THE BOWL BACK INTO THE FREEZER! Do a little kitchen straighten up, play with the kids some more, check your blog reader, whatever! Just do something for about 20 more minutes.
  • Finally, spoon out the raspberry sherbet (I used about 3/4 of the container) and add in some chocolate chips (you could also use blueberries – The chils / berries make up the “seeds” of the watermelon.) Mix it all up well, getting it real nice and soft.
  • Get the bowl back out of the freezer and then fill it in with the raspberry mixture. Smooth it all out. (An afterthought: you might want to mix in some red food coloring if you’d like it to look more red than pink – I was happy with the pink but making it more red might be cuter!)
  • PUT IT BACK IN THE FREEZER AND LET IT SIT FOR 8 HOURS OR OVERNIGHT! (If you made this in the morning and were going to serve it for dinner, it should be hard enough by then. You’re going to “slice” it so it needs to be very firm.)
  • When serving, simply slice it out and put it on a plate. I sprinkled the plate with some extra chocolate chips to make it pretty. :o )

This would be perfect for your upcoming 4th of July Holiday Celebrations! (If I can figure out a way to transport it, I may be bringing this to your house on Friday, Christy!)

This was a fun thing to make and serve. See what other “5 ingredients or less” recipes folks are sharing over at ROCKS IN MY DRYER on Wednesday of this week!

*The recipes I looked at said you could line a bowl with cling wrap and that way the dessert would come out whole and you could cut the slices that way. I found it practically impossible, though, to line a bowl with clingy stuff and then smear ice cream on top of it but if you figure out how to do it, more power to you!

WFMW: Ramekins

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24 Jun 2008

I. . Ramekins.

I started using these about 6 months ago after I found them on a clearance rack at Dollar General. They’re little ceramic bowls and they’re perfect for small servings. (You can find a reasonably priced set of 12 HERE.)

We use them for lots of things. Salsa or guacamole, whipped butter with our bread, and lots of condiments.

Also, I have no fears about reheating food in the microwave and you can even pop them in the oven and cook in them. With all the confusing information out there about plastics and bad chemicals leaching into food, these are great for the mama conscience.

The other great things about these ramekins is that they are *perfect* for the small servings that kids eat. We use them for breakfast cereal, oatmeal, soup, beans and rice, lentils, chicken pot pie – the list is endless!

And here’s a mama tip: We use them for after dinner ice cream (or yogurt and berries) but the rule is, we have to use the same bowl for dessert that we use for dinner so the kids don’t get ice cream until they finish whatever is in the bowl. (How’s that for motivation to eat all your veggies!) When they’ve finished their food, I simply rinse it out and refill it with a little sweet treat. And hey – that cuts down on the dishes I have to clean, too!

It works for us! See what works for lots of other mamas over at Rocks In My Dryer.

WFMW: The Dry Erase Magnet

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18 Jun 2008

We’ve got a dry erase magnet that stays on the fridge in our kitchen. We’ve used it for many things – shopping lists, love notes, weekly menus & impromptu games of tic tac toe.

What I bought it for (and what we use it the most often for) is for memorizing Bible Verses. (We’ve had the same verse up for weeks now, we need to get back on track and learn a new one!) By the way, I found ours on-line at Magnet Valley.

It’s really handy and the reason I like it for the Bible Verses is that it’s right there in the kitchen and is easily changeable. Having the Bible Verse on the fridge is a great way to remind us to recite it. We also often sing little songs to go with the verses *or* we do some kind of other stimulating activity (like trampoline jumping!)

We also use the dry erase marker to write reminder notes on the microwave or the mirrors.

And while I am singing the praises of Dry Erase Markers, Abby is LOVING this Crayola activity center lately to practice writing the alphabet. It’s available HERE.

Dry erase markers work for us!

WFMW: The chore chart

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28 May 2008

***Bumping this post for WFMW! Originally posted 8/29/07 (And it was actually on a Wednesday! :lol)

So… I made this and like it a lot so I thought I would share!

We needed a way around here to keep up with all the great things Abby is doing to help around the house! She’s really been “into” helping lately so I thought we’d do something fun and have something that we could “show” Daddy when he came home. (Because you know by the time he gets home, all the chores we’ve done have been “undone” some how!)

I bought some magnetic sheets at staples and then designed the “base sheet” – Then I made little “tiles” and designed them using different chores like sorting laundry, clearing the table, making the bed, helping make mommy’s bed, etc.

(She also earns a little mini jelly belly jellybean for each chore she does. Guess that’s a motivator, too, huh?)

She wakes up wanting to do chores! (Nathan likes to HELP, too!)

BY THE WAY… I custom make these to sell to moms who don’t want to fool with making one themselves! (The link above is an old one for a mamamade show we did last year but the info is still relevant!)

for some of the available designs!

Here’s one I made for my niece!

You want one??? E-mail me at: julie h clark at comcast dot net

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WFMW: Dry Erase Reminders

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27 Jan 2008

I had more people comment tonight on the fact that I had written a message to Bruce on my microwave. “What is that? Will it come off? Is it permanent? Dry Erase Marker? No!? Could you do that on a mirror? Really? Wow!

Yes. It’s a dry erase marker. (A tip I learned from FLYLADY) Often our microwave says things like “plug in the truck” (no, it’s not an energy saving electric truck – It’s a diesel with some contraption that warms things up). It also will say “buy milk” or “call mom” – Today it held a birthday wish for Bruce.

But we do this all the time and it helps us remember things! And yes – it wipes right off! We also keep a dry erase marker in the bathroom for the same purpose of writing notes and reminders on the mirror.